The large infrastructure projects granted through direct award are evaluated and approved in line with a special procedure that has been approved by the Joint Monitoring Committee. The LIPs have already been identified in the programming period, and the list was approved by the European Commission as part of the Joint Operational Programme (Annex II).
The projects proposed for the selection without a call for proposals shall be approved by the Joint Monitoring Committee and the European Commission based on a two-steps approval procedure:
Step 1: Development and approval of the LIP Project Summaries;
Step 2: Development and approval of the LIP Full application and supporting documents.

Procedure for evaluation and approval of LIP (download link)
Project Summary (download link)

Contact details for further clarifications and helpdesk:

Managing Authority:
Mr. Octavian Aron, Public Manager

Joint Technical Secretariat Suceava
Ms. Mădălina Rașca, Implementing Monitoring Officer

Ms. Mihaela Stredie, Implementing Monitoring Officer

Main list

1. «Clean river»
(Ecological preservation of the unique nature complex of the Danube River basin by exclusion of pollution with effluents)
2. Improving the cross-border infrastructure – Opening the gate to Europe
3. Regional cooperation for the prevention and fighting cross border crime in the Romania-Ukraine cross border area
4. Improvement of the population safety and security level in the cross-border area by enhancing the joint training and cooperation actions in emergency management.

Reserve list

1. Modernization of the flood and accidental pollutions defence infrastructure on Siret and Prut rivers, in the trans-boundary area of Romania and Ukraine
3. Cross border health infrastructure


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