1HARD/4.1/10 Emergency care for children of cross-border region

The project aims at:
- Improving infrastructure and equipment of City Children's Clinical Hospital in Chernivtsi and Emergency Hospital "Sf. Ioan cel Nou" in Suceava for raising accessibility of emergency medical care to children of cross-border region by the end of the project.
- Raising professional skills of medical staff of CCCH in Chernivtsi and SEH in Suceava in children emergency care and related areas by the end of the project.
- Introduction of cross-border telemedicine between project partners and introduction of local telemedicine in CCCH as a way to improve the quality of medical services in CCCH in Chernivtsi and in SEH in Suceava by the end of the project.

Project start date: 13.02.2021
Project end date: 12.02.2023