1HARD/4.1/37 Alternative Therapies in Maramures and Ivano Frankivsk

The project aims at:
- building a new Center for Alternative Therapies in Recea, Maramures county comprising 7 medical offices for specific therapies, a senzorial park and a large arena for innovative therapy with animals (horses , poney and dogs) and rehabilitation of alternative therapies section from Children Clinical Hospital Ivano- Frankivsk, comprising 3 medical offices, 1 big sport hall and access lobby .
- improving the competences and performances of 9 therapists working in the Center for Alternative Therapies Recea, Maramures county and 5 therapists working in the alternative therapies section from Children Clinical Hospital Ivano-Frankivsk through specific trainings and exchanges of experiences.
- enhancing the knowledge about the causes and risks of having children with various disabilities of the population living in Maramures county and Ivano Frankivsk city, focused on at least 20000 inhabitants considered fertile population, from the group of age 20-39, through awareness campaigns conducted on both side of the border.

Project start date: 25.03.2021
Project end date: 24.12.2023