1HARD/3.1/5 CBConnect Trans - Developing a cross border inter-modal connection between Isaccea -Orlivka-Tulcea -Izmail

The project aims at:
- improving the transport connection on the route Izmail-Tulcea- Isaccea - Orlivka throughout rehabilitation of cross border interest roads segments and development of a passenger naval transport infrastructure in Izmail.
- increasing the efficiency of the cross border traffic communication and monitoring networks in the project area throughout the development and implementation of traffic monitoring systems in Isaccea, Orlivka, and Tulcea and designing a common data base.
- promoting the territorial cohesion between the Odessa and Tulcea regions throughout development of 2 Transport hubs (Isaccea and Orlivka), elaboration of 1 joint strategy for improving the cross-border transport infrastructure, implementation of 1 joint capacity building program and 1 joint project awareness campaign.

Project start date: 08.04.2021
Project end date: 07.04.2023