The first meeting of the Joint Operational Programme Romania-Ukraine ENI 2014-2020

The first meeting of the Joint Monitoring Committee of Joint Operational Programme Romania-Ukraine ENI 2014-2020, managed by the Ministry of Regional Development and Public Administration (MRDPA) as Managing Authority, was held on May 19, 2016.

The topics discussed at the meeting mainly concerned aspects of the establishment and organization of the Joint Monitoring Committee as the main decision-making structure of the programme, Technical Assistance Strategy of the Programme and the principles for the assessment and approval of Major Infrastructure Projects.

The distribution of financial allocations between calls for projects and priorities, as well as the maximum amount of funding that can be provided for each project depending on the Priority to which they are addressed were also approved at the meeting.

The meeting was attended by central, regional and county representatives of the both states participating in the program, representatives of the European Commission, Audit Authority and of the Managing Authority within the MRDPA.

Regarding the funds allocated by priority, these will be used to finance projects selected following calls planned for October 2016 within the budgetary limit, as follows:

Thematic objective “Support for education, research, technological development and innovation”

Budget ENI – EUR 3,600,000 distributed as follows:

Priority 1.1 – Institutional cooperation in education in order to increase access to education and quality of education – 2.1 million EUR
Priority 1.2 – Promotion and support for research and innovation – 1.5 million EUR
Thematic objective “Promoting and preserving local culture and historical heritage” Budget ENI – EUR 6,000,000 intended for a single priority:

Priority 2.1 – Promoting and preserving local culture and historical heritage – 6 million EUR
Thematic objective “Improvement of accessibility within the regions, development of transport and transportation networks and joint systems”

Budget ENI – EUR 12.100.000 intended for a single priority

Priority 3.1 – Development of cross-border transport infrastructure and ICT instruments – 12.1 million EUR
Thematic objective “Common challenges in the safety and security area”

Budget ENI: EUR 14.400.000 distributed as follows:

Priority 4.1 – Support for the development of health and access to health – Budget allocated to calls: 6.4 million EUR
Priority 4.2 – Support for joint actions meant to prevent natural or man disasters, as well as joint actions during emergencies – Budget allocated to calls: 2.7 million EUR
Priority 4.3 – Preventing and fighting against organized crime, as well as the cooperation of police – Budget allocated to calls: 5.3 million EUR

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