Cross Border Health Infrastructure, the first financing contract signed under Romania-Ukraine Programme

The first financing contract has been signed under Romania-Ukraine Joint Operational Programme 2014-2020, for the Cross Border Health Infrastructure project.

Tulcea County Council, the lead partner, will implement this project together with Măcin Administrative Territorial Unit, Danube Regional Hospital of Odessa, Izmail City Council (Ukraine), and the „Lower Danube Euroregion” Association of Cross Border Cooperation.
Poza Tulcea2
The project activities will consist of:
- rehabilitation and endowment of the Sterilization and Orthopaedic Units of Tulcea County Hospital (Romania);
- rehabilitation of one building of Macin City Hospital;
- modernization and endowment of the Surgery Unit of the Danube Basin Hospital in Izmail (Ukraine);
- rehabilitation and endowment of the Paediatric Unit of Izmail City Hospital (Ukraine).
Moreover, the concept of telemedicine will be implemented in the hospitals included in the project.
The total budget of the project is of 4.2 million Euro (out of which 3.7 million Euro being European funds) and the implementation period is of 36 months.
Together with this project, three more large infrastructure projects will be financed within Romania-Ukraine Joint Operational (approx.17 million Euro), as they were approved by the European Commission at the end of 2018. These are:
1. Improvement of the population safety and security level in the cross-border area by enhancing the joint training and cooperation actions in emergency management;
2. Clean River;
3. Regional cooperation for prevention and fighting of cross-border crime between Romania-Ukraine.