Ministry of Regional Development and Public Administration, with the headquartes in no. 17 Apolodor Street, District 5, Bucharest ( Str. Apolodor nr. 17, Sector 5, Bucureşti), through the MA Directorate for European Territorial Cooperation Programmes, as Management Authority for the “Joint Operational Programme Romania-Ukraine 2014-2020”, notifies the interested public on the elaboration of the first version of the Programme, for which the strategic environmental assessment was started, according to Directive 2001/42/EC and specific recommendation of European Commission.

The first version of the Programme can be found at the Information point of the Ministry of Regional Development and Public Administration, no. 17 Apolodor Street, District 5, Bucharest, from Monday to Friday, 8.30-16.30, and at the headquarters of the Joint Technical Secretariat (JTS) in Romania, Cross border Cooperation Regional Office, No. 22 Dragos Vodă Street, Suceava ( Str. Dragoș Vodă, nr. 22, Suceava), Suceava county, from Monday to Friday, 8.00 – 16.00.

Also, the document is posted for public consultation on the website of the program and of MRDPA, and – Section 2014 – 2020 Romania – Ukraine.

Remarks/comments and suggestions are received in writing at the headquarters of Ministry of Environment and Climate Change, No. 12 Libertății Blvd., district 5, Bucharest (Bulevardul Libertăţii nr. 12, sector 5) within 10 days after the publication of this notice, respectively 20.02.2015.

Common borders. Common solutions

The Romania-Ukraine-Republic of Moldova Joint Operational Programme 2007-2013 is financed by the European Union through the European Neighbourhood and Partnership Instrument and co-financed by the countries participating in the programme.

This material does not necessarily represent the official position of European Union

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