2SOFT/1.1/139 Support, Mobility and Arts for youth across the border Romania - Ukraine

The project aims at: supporting and educating 200 youngsters at risks aged 14 and 20 years, within 18 months, through programs that stimulate creativity, innovation and active citizenship that are made possible by the creation and development of 2 multifunctional centers that offer integrative support service packages and 4 extra-curricular activities (art of film and photography, traditional crafts, ICT and entrepreneurship programs); supporting and educating through exchange programs and trainings during 18 months of 40 specialists, in order to teach them extra-curricular activities and socio-economic counselling methods destined to prevent the school abandonment to favour the school reintegration of youngsters at risk aged between 14 and 20 years old.

Project start date: 31.12.2019
Project end date: 30.06.2021