Supplementary Financial Support for Project Beneficiaries

The Joint Monitoring Committee of Romania-Ukraine Programme decided, during the on-line meeting held on January 2023, to use the available funds from the programme budget in order to support projects which include infrastructure works currently in implementation.

According to Regulation (EU) 2192/2022, which facilitates the use of funds allocated to the programmes affected by the Russian aggression in Ukraine, the Managing Authority proposed new measures which were agreed by the two delegations, so as to support beneficiaries having projects in implementation.

Therefore, out of the programme savings (approx. 2.2 million Euro), supplementary financing will be granted to HARD projects (i.e. projects which include an infrastructure component) which are being implemented in time and whose risk of missing their target are diminished.

More than this, all projects implemented within the programme (SOFT, HARD, LIP) may reduce their own co-financing, by using the amounts saved from projects’ budget.

In order to put in place these measures, the Managing Authority will sign addenda to the contracts with the lead beneficiaries of the projects.