Skills for the Future

Skills for the Future

Interreg Cooperation Day is just around the corner and Romania-Ukraine 2014-2020 programme is prepared to celebrate it. This year it`s all about #SkillsForTheFuture and showcasing the outcomes of our cross-border projects!

The Joint Operational Program Romania-Ukraine is joining The European Year of Skills mission to promote effective and inclusive investments that empower our young workforce to thrive and access new opportunities in today's ever-changing European economic landscape.

For this purpose, 3 workshops focused on competencies will take place in Maramures, Tulcea, and Suceava under „Skills for the Future” event. During 19 September – 6 October, around 50 Ukrainian students will be embarking on thrilling 3-day journeys to Romania to meet our beneficiaries, foster connections with Romanian students, and also to explore cross-border project results.

The workshops will offer an array of engaging activities hosted by renowned Romanian institutions, organizations, and authorities that have successfully implemented projects funded by our programme in each of the 3 cities. The goal is to empower students by enhancing their competencies through knowledge sharing, building awareness, exchanging experiences, and practical demonstrations.

The workshops will take place as follows:

Maramures:  19-21 September 2023

Tulcea: 26-28 September 2023

Suceava: 04 – 06 October 2023

The Joint Operational Program has financed a range of notable projects which, in the framework of Romanian-Ukrainian partnerships, have aimed to develop and implement integrative programmes, instruments, and investments for youth.

This year, we are looking to catalyze the development of „green” and digital skills, of care and entrepreneurship. To this, youth from Ukraine will be in direct contact with programme-funded initiatives in the field of biodiversity conservation, raising resilience to climate change, medical services, and alternative therapies, research, technology, and technical innovation.

This will also be a good opportunity to promote among the border communities and, widely, the European community, the results achieved by the projects funded by our programme.

Each year, in September, the Managing Authority for the Romania-Ukraine Joint Operational Programme (Ministry of Development, Public Works and Administration) and the Joint Technical Secretariat (Regional Office for Cross-Border Cooperation in Suceava) mark the Interreg Cooperation Day to promote the benefits of cooperation and projects impact in the border areas, alongside with the whole community of Interreg programmes funded by the European Union.

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