Emotions and joy on Interreg Cooperation Day 2023

Emotions and joy on Interreg Cooperation Day 2023

Between September 19 and October 6, 2023, the management structures of Romania-Ukraine Programme organised Interreg Cooperation Day, focusing on the European Year of Skills.

About 50 highschool students from Ukraine travelled to Romania to meet young people of their age and to develop new skills in different fields, which benefitted of financing through Romania-Ukraine 2014-2020 programme.

3 workshops were organised, as follows:

  1. Workshop in Maramures 19-21st of September, 2023
  2. Workshop in Tulcea 26-28th of September, 2023
  3. Workshop in Suceava 4-6th of October, 2023

The young participants together with their teachers joined trainings and presentations meant to improve their knowledge in the following fields: promotion of cultural and historic heritage by means of modern digital tools, first aid, biodiversity and "green" skills, entrepreneurship, wood sustainable processing, European funds accessing. The young students showed a special interest in the development of digital skills.

During the 3 series of events, the Ukrainian guests visited several Romania-Ukraine cooperation projects and enjoyed the experience of the beneficiaries accessing European funds. The hosts were Tulcea Country Council, "Stefan cel Mare" University in Suceava, the Emergency Inspectorates of Tulcea and Siret, WWF Romania, highschools in Maramureș and Suceava.

Testimonials of the Ukrainian teenagers show best the impact of the events:

“We had an extraordinary trip to Romania! During these 3 days, we found out a lot about ecology. In my opinion, such activities are very important. Especially nowadays, when ecology has become so tangible. During this journey we have found new information on the Carpathinas forests, we have seen the most unusual flora and fauna, we have found out what dead wood is and its importance to forest echosystem resilience”. (Participant from Ivano-Frankivsk)

“I did not expect such a trip! I had an amazing experience in various fields and this will help me choose my career. I would also like to say that I experienced many unforgetable positive emotions. I was impressed with your  kindness, care and friendship! (Participant in Ismail)