Proiecte contractate

Lista proiectelor finanțate prin Programul Operațional Comun România-Ucraina 2014-2020

2SOFT/1.1/35 Special Education in the cross-border area Suceava - Chernivtsi: modern, inclusive and adequate to labour market

The project aims at: developing and modernizing the cross-border special education framework and preparing for the socio-professional adaptation and facile transition from graduation to labour market within 4 schools from Suceava County and Chernivtsi Region

2SOFT/1.1/23 STEM Education in Vocational and Professional Schools

The activities of the project include: modernization of educational institutions,skills development, sustainable development of the partnership through the implementation of specialized workshops, establishing cooperation between schools, business and local government.

2SOFT/1.1/2 CBC-PracticeFirms - Innovative methods of professional training and educational collaboration at bilateral level RO-UA

The activities of the project include: facilitating the access of 360 high school students and students from Tulcea County and the Odessa region to 24 professional training courses on the labor market and specialized counseling and professional guidance services to improve the insertion process by involving them in innovative activities of complementary and virtually entrepreneurial education within 35 practice firms; prevention of socio-professional marginalization and increase the transition from school to active life for 100 high school students and students from Tulcea county and the Odessa region through cross-border educational actions aimed at organizing 2 Cross-border Fairs of Practice Firms, 2 Experience Exchanges in the field of entrepreneurship and the operationalization of 2 CBC-FeRoUa bilateral online platforms for simulation of economic and e-CPO operations for counseling and professional guidance; increasing the quality and diversity of educational programs in Tulcea county and the Odessa region by strengthening and promoting a bilateral partnership network of 10 educational units, endowing 3 laboratories and 3 workshops and the specialization of 40 teachers through 2 innovative courses and 4 transboundary methodical meetings;

2SOFT/1.1/142 Creative workforce for Cross Border Future

The purpose of the project is to increase the access of young people from Botosani (RO) and Chernivtsi (UA) to the labor market with the development of their life skills and creativity through cross-border cooperation in the field of education, by 2024.

Clean River

The project funds will be used for the rehabilitation of the waste water and sewerage networks of the city of Izmail and of the Tulcea County Hospital, the modernisation of two treatment plants for the wastewater and one wasterwater pumping station in Izmail. Professionals from both states will be trained in the prevention, intervention and citizens’ education regarding the mand-made emergency situations.

Cross-Border Health Infrastructure

Increasing the access of the ―Lower Danube Euroregion population, to quality health services, throughout improving (rehabilitation and endowment) of the existent health infrastructure from Izmail and Tulcea counties;

Regional Cooperation for Prevention and Fighting of Cross-border Crime between Romania-Ukraine - SAGA

The project will rehabilitate the police stations in the border area, will develop an IT system for cooperation, will buy modern equipment and will carry out a training programme for the police officers in Romania and Ukraine.

Improvement of the population safety and security level in the cross-border area by enhancing the joint training and cooperation actions in emergency management - BRIDGE

The financing will help build a training infrastructure for emergency situations and a landing site for helicopters in Suceava (Romania), modernise the dispatch center of the State Service Department of Emergency Situations in Chernivtsi (Ukraine), modernise a training center in Ivano-Frankivsk (Ukraine), procure special vehicles and prepare the legal framework for organising and operating the structures involved in emergency situations management.

2SOFT/4.1/11 Infection-free hospitals

The objective of the project is to reduce epidemiological hazard in the Ivano-Frankivsk and Sighetu Marmatiei municipalities through the implementation of infection prevention activities.


The project aims at developing the ITC infrastructure of Suceava County and Chernivtsi Region by developing a Mobile App that will be used to provide useful information and to promote culture and tourism in these areas .

2SOFT/1.1/112 Cross-border educational network between Botosani County (Romania) and Hlyboka District (Ukraine)

The project will contribute to the improvement of the educational services and ensurance of the special conditions designed for children and disabled youth with SEN, and the support of the active inclusion services, in order to prevent the professional and social exclusion of the students from 2 Special Schools from Botoșani County (RO) and from the Inclusive Center for children from Hliboca District (UA).

2SOFT/1.1/115 Educational University Romanian-Ukrainian Cross-Border Cooperation - UNIV.E.R-U

Activities of the project include improvement of the communication and cooperation between academic/research staff from Romanian and Ukrainian universities in the programme area by creating sustainable channels for information exchange in the field of education during the project; improvement of the two partner universities educational quality in relation with long term cross-border cooperation in higher education field by improving strategies and transfer of good practices until the end of the project; promotion of the cross-border cooperation and mutual awareness between Romania and Ukraine by building long term cooperation structures and involvement of stakeholders until the end of the project.